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Picked up some new goaties yesterday. Some new additions to my colored breeding stock- 2 red does and one reverse badger. (the reverse badger name has something to do with a white stripe on their faces and darker bellies- or something) They’re a little wild- some serious cookie training is in order…

Butterscotch, Caramel, and Reegan

Butterscotch, Caramel, and Reegan

Butterscotch has the lighter face, Caramel darker ears, nose, and tail, and Reegan is the grayish one. They are yearlings. I will get better pictures as time goes on. (my daughter wants me to call the red ones Violence and Profanity. I just don’t know…)

Got a good picture of Fluff yesterday… I love this guy. He is 8 years old, the alpha, and there is no doubt that he loves me. Did I tell you this story? Years ago, when I was married to the kids’ father, I was outside doing rabbit chores and my ex was laying in the hammock. The goaties were mowing the lawn. Fluff saw me working, then looked at my ex in the hammock. He looked back and forth a few times- you could actually see the wheels turning- then very determinedly walked over and bent under the hammock and knocked my ex right out!



Nothing terribly new on the knitting and spinning front. Most of the knitting I’ve done has been on the sweater I’m designing for Persimmon Tree Farm. Right now it is merely a HUGE expanse of red. Just goes to show how much I love Greta of Persimmon Tree- red is sooooo not my color!

I did get a few more rovings dyed and up in my etsy shop.

Griffin's Night Flight

Griffin’s Night Flight

A bit of a departure from my usual pastels. My husband commented that it wasn’t too much of a departure, cuz that day there was also this…

Baby Evan's Cotton Candy

Baby Evan’s Cotton Candy

Yeah, some things never change… These rovings are more of the super wash BFL that is such a dream to spin. Having a hard time not keeping them for myself.

So that’s about it for now. Next week we need to move the goaties back to the first field, I should have a sample knit up for a brushed sweater pattern in addition to the jacket for Persimmon Tree. And lots of other stuff I just can’t think of right now.

A last picture of Nessie, til next time…

sweet little Nessie

sweet little Nessie


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