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New Farm!!!!!!!!

I know I’ve been quiet for a good long time. I’ve been searching for a new farm. It’s been a long, stressful road. Finally, the right place came along. It’s an 8 acre piece of land w/ a small house built in the 60’s. Truthfully, I took this place for the land. The poor house needs some help- but we are looking forward to prettying it up (i don’t think it’s had anything cosmetic done to it since it was built!)

yup- that’s some oooollllldddd carpet

street view

For the field, the corner post holes are dug, I’ve placed all the inner posts, and as soon as we get water out there (original owner replacing well-pump) we can set the corner posts, string the fence, and move the goats! (not to mention clean the house and move the people). The kids (human variety) are thrilled.

This means that I am able to expand my farm, which means I can expand Puff the Magic Rabbit. In a few weeks I expect to be in full dyeing, carding, spinning, designing, and knitting production. Also, this weekend I will be taking a few of my does down to Kid Hollow farm to be bred- so we’ll have babies this spring. Ohhhh, and I forgot to tell you about the new arrivals- bottle babies Claire and Tess!

Tess on the left, Claire on the right

They’re weaned now, but I will give you a post on just them. There is also this little guy…


This is Aidan. I finally got another little blue-eyed black. (I still miss Morpheous). This was just after shearing last month- I think he was happy with his new haircut.

In honor of this new move, I am offering 15% off all rovings in my etsy shop. Just enter NEWFARM as the coupon code. Here are just a few of the goodies you will find there:

claire and tess’ playtime



All a super-soft blend of kid mohair from my goats, shetland lambswool from a virginia farm, and silk. Several more colors.

I think that is enough excitement for one night. So I will leave you with one last picture of Claire and Tess. Goodnight!

“whatcha doin’?”


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