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Picked up some new goaties yesterday. Some new additions to my colored breeding stock- 2 red does and one reverse badger. (the reverse badger name has something to do with a white stripe on their faces and darker bellies- or something) They’re a little wild- some serious cookie training is in order…

Butterscotch, Caramel, and Reegan

Butterscotch, Caramel, and Reegan

Butterscotch has the lighter face, Caramel darker ears, nose, and tail, and Reegan is the grayish one. They are yearlings. I will get better pictures as time goes on. (my daughter wants me to call the red ones Violence and Profanity. I just don’t know…)

Got a good picture of Fluff yesterday… I love this guy. He is 8 years old, the alpha, and there is no doubt that he loves me. Did I tell you this story? Years ago, when I was married to the kids’ father, I was outside doing rabbit chores and my ex was laying in the hammock. The goaties were mowing the lawn. Fluff saw me working, then looked at my ex in the hammock. He looked back and forth a few times- you could actually see the wheels turning- then very determinedly walked over and bent under the hammock and knocked my ex right out!



Nothing terribly new on the knitting and spinning front. Most of the knitting I’ve done has been on the sweater I’m designing for Persimmon Tree Farm. Right now it is merely a HUGE expanse of red. Just goes to show how much I love Greta of Persimmon Tree- red is sooooo not my color!

I did get a few more rovings dyed and up in my etsy shop.

Griffin's Night Flight

Griffin’s Night Flight

A bit of a departure from my usual pastels. My husband commented that it wasn’t too much of a departure, cuz that day there was also this…

Baby Evan's Cotton Candy

Baby Evan’s Cotton Candy

Yeah, some things never change… These rovings are more of the super wash BFL that is such a dream to spin. Having a hard time not keeping them for myself.

So that’s about it for now. Next week we need to move the goaties back to the first field, I should have a sample knit up for a brushed sweater pattern in addition to the jacket for Persimmon Tree. And lots of other stuff I just can’t think of right now.

A last picture of Nessie, til next time…

sweet little Nessie

sweet little Nessie


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Wow, it’s been awhile. If I blame it on busyness, then it’s just excuses, yet we all know how life can take over- and it has been busy since last I was here.

Had I told you we were moving? We left Madison County and moved to Louisa County in Sept. (still in VA). It has been a great move for the kids- and a fantastic move for the goaties. I did lose some goats this year- Genevieve, Fiyero, and sweet little Floppy. I should have written then, but I just couldn’t. Floppy, who originally wasn’t expected to make it a full year left when he was almost 3. He remained a sweet little happy-go-lucky guy, and he took going downhill and dieing just like he took living- to him it was all good. He didn’t fight it at the end- not to say that he surrendered early- he loved us and loved life- but when it was inevitable he just… went.

kisses from Floppy

kisses from Floppy


We had 3 does kid this winter. Elphie’s breeding didn’t take. Cream went first- on Feb. 17 Mephistopheles was born.Baby Mephistopheles

Here he is today…

Mephistopheles at 3 1/2 months

Mephistopheles at 3 1/2 months


He has sooooo much sweet silky mohair on him- I can’t wait until his first shearing!

On March 13, pretty Cookies had baby Rae-Ella. She is a fiesty little thing- she was less than a day old when she was climbing all over her mother…

Baby Rae-Ella caught on momma's neck.

Baby Rae-Ella caught on momma’s neck.

Today she is a happy little girl who is hard to catch keeping still!

Rae-Ella in a rare moment of stillness

Rae-Ella in a rare moment of stillness

Last to kid was pretty Rosie. This is her very last breeding, and I so wanted a doe from her. I got my wish, and I couldn’t have asked for a prettier, sweeter little doeling.

little baby Nessie

little baby Nessie

And here she is today…

pretty Nessie

Her mohair is so silky and dense.

We also acquired a few more adults and a bottle baby- will fill you in on them, later.

Oh, and the guy holding newborn Nessie? He’s my husband now.

Now, it’s time for me to go design a sweater for Persimmon Tree Farm- this will also be available with my yarns- it will be a strand of baby boucle mohair and brushed kid mohair held together. Pictures will come, I promise. I will no longer neglect my sweet blog.




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Test knitting.

So, as a distraction, beautiful goats:

brothers little Evan and Griffin

Sirius Black looking dignified

and looking just like himself

Now remember, I was never here…

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It’s been hard to come back here- it just didn’t feel right yet to write a blog post that wasn’t about Steve after all of that. But I am going to post now- with just a little bit of Steve.

I had a dream last night. It was the goat show we have every summer. Nothing unusual. Pat and Steve (of course) were there. Steve picked on me just as much as usual. All of our goat friends were there- it really was just a normal goat show. I often have dreams like that about my brother- just normal daily stuff- but he is healthy and happy- as Steve was in the dream last night. I figure it is their way of letting us know they are just fine where they are- these are happy dreams, not sad.

I don’t think I’ve told you all about Cocoa Puff and Courtney, have I? 2 baby Jersey Woollies.

Cocoa Puff


They are a little over 3 months old, so it’s time for their first shearing.

Cocoa Puff before

Cocoa Puff after

Courtney before

Courtney after

Between these 2 tiny wonders, I only got 1 oz of fuzz. After a few more collections, their hair will be destined for this beautiful fleece I got from Brice at the goat show a few months ago.

Hot Chocolate's fleece

Hot Chocolate was the cutest, sweetest little kid doe- I got to hold her in the show and fell in love (something I never do with goats).

Alright, that’s it for now. Actually, there is much more, but for now I must be my test-knitter persona, Esmerelda. There is a book coming out, and the author (speak up in comments if I can say who you are) is keeping me very busy. And she’s a bit of a slave driver, so if she asks, I wasn’t really here…

So I leave you with Sirius Black and little Floppy- he looks great, doesn’t he? Have a great holiday weekend!

Sirius Black and Floppy

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My daughter and I had a fantastic weekend- I don’t think I’ll be able to do it justice in the telling. Fair warning- this post will contain tons of superlatives- and they will be repeated, cuz there just aren’t enough. There will be links. And there will be absolutely no knitting or spinning content- though I might throw in a gratuitous goat shot at the end.

On Saturday afternoon, C and I each packed a small bag (and I packed some knitting- cuz come on, this is me) and we headed over the mountains to WV. A friend, John, owns the most amazing, magical, wonderful place there called The Purple Fiddle. It’s a cafe, music venue, pub, oh, just go look at the site, would ya- I’ll wait. In telling me about it, John had referred to it as his “living room” and it really has the most inviting, welcoming feeling. John is pretty fantastic, and he’s surrounded himself with people who are on top of things and manage to make you feel like you belong every minute you are there. I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures during the day while things were quiet, but we did manage to get some shots of the band we went to see, The Blue Hit– go to their site and take a look around, I’ll still be here.

The Blue Hit

I’ll even give you a youtube link so you can listen to one of my favorite songs of theirs. They were simply amazing. John’s beautiful guitar, David’s haunting cello, and Grace’s angelic voice (I want to say beautiful and haunting too, but then what do I do about the guitar and cello?)- beyond wow. C and I were completely blown away. We also spent some time with Grace over the course of the weekend- and she is even sweeter than her voice. All three were so nice and easy-going. Now, we had just planned on going Sunday to see them, but John kinda twisted my arm (it didn’t take too much twisting) to go Sat., to see Girls Guns and Glory– who also completely enthralled us. Youtube link to the title song of their latest album Inverted Valentine. Saturday night we didn’t think to have the camera with us- but I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing these guys were on stage- and they completely had the place rocking. Even better, though, was hanging with John and the guys afterwards. Very down-to-earth, real guys. They’re from Boston, so there was some geography talk considering my brother lived there. They toured in France, and are heading back there in a few weeks. At the end of the night, we were all back at the hostel, some were playing pool, but most everyone was just talking. I was talking with one member- cross-legged, barefoot on the kitchen counter- shhh, don’t tell John (I need to emphasize this was NOT the cafe’s kitchen) solving important world issues. This guy has the sweetest soul I have ever come across, and if the universe is not extremely kind to him, I will have to do some universal ass-kicking.

On Sunday there was a free show in the afternoon, The Great Unknown– again, a fantastic show.

My intention for this weekend, besides introducing C to an artist she needed to meet (I’ll get to that) was to do some thinking, regrouping, and healing. Instead- I just decided to “be.” And that ended up being sooooo what I needed. I came home relaxed, energized, and inspired.

Now- about C. She draws these wonderful “creatures” doing all sorts of stuff.

bedtime in creature land

When I was down there visiting the first time, I met a friend of John’s, Seth, who has a gallery there- The White Room. His drawings are whimsical, light-hearted yet pretty profound. I really thought she should meet him. So I convinced her to gather a portfolio (she made the cover from brightly colored duck tape- pretty fun) and bring it. Now, it took some prodding once she was there to go show him her stuff (can’t say I blame her- that takes a ton of courage and I’m so proud of her for doing it). He told her he loved her stuff, that she should never, ever stop drawing, and he showed it off to some friends there in the gallery who also praised her profusely. I think he may have made her year, maybe even her lifetime. Follow the link above for Seth’s stuff, it’s pretty amazing.

I can’t tell you enough how warm and inviting The Purple Fiddle is- you should go see for yourself. Awesome food, wonderful beer, great bands, fantastic coffee (that is very important), incredible atmosphere- you can’t go wrong. There is a guest house, and C managed to get a shot of our room-

sweet room with a very comfy bed

She got some great shots as we were leaving the area, too-


I’ve half a mind to pack up all the animals, the kids, some clothes, my yarn and various fluff and move us all out there. If only it were that easy…

So, my advice to you my friends- if you can ever get to Thomas, WV- plan a stay at The Purple Fiddle. Also, if you ever get a chance to see The Blue Hit, Girls Guns and Glory, or The Great Unknown- do. (I happen to know that GGG will be back at the Fiddle Halloween weekend- I’m giving that some serious thought.)

Whew. Thanks for sticking with me on this one.

And tonight’s goatie pic is Sirius Black doing what he does best- being handsome.

My Brown Eyed Goat

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See this:

mine mine mine

It’s going to become this:

SpinningLara's Mock Neck

Yarnstruck's Mock Neck

I wrote the silly pattern, have knit 3 of the sweaters (Kid Hollow’s sample, and 2 orders) but have yet to make one for ME. So guess what? I am now making one for ME. (that makes me feel very defiant for some reason). (these lovely ladies were very generous in allowing me to borrow their pictures, and here are their websites- SpinningLara has an etsy shop and Yarnstruck’s blog is here.) The yarn color is Violet Turquoise Spot, and of course it is Kid Hollow Farm’s Brushed Mohair. Progress, coming soon…

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and thoughts over Cocoa Puff. That was a really hard one, given that he was just a baby. In time, there will be another, and I think I’ll even be able to handle recycling the name- it was just too perfect given the whole Puff the Magic Rabbit thing.

I’ve been working on a few simple patterns- with the ultimate goal of having them as PDF downloads from here and from Ravelry. This baby hat will probably be a freebie:

sock yarn baby hat

I’ve done a couple of these in different sock yarns, this one in Black Bunny Fiber’s merino sock, color Lady Parrot. Next will be a pair of fingerless mitts:

just about there

Again, the yarn is Black Bunny Fiber’s- this time her super-soft Cashsock. I’m hoping to get the whole PDF thing figured out this coming week, and FickleKnitter has very generously offered to talk me through it.

Let’s see, what else? Oh! Trying my hand at organization again-

knitting schedule!

It’s CJ approved, so it should work.

CJ is telling me to get knitting!

So now all that’s left I guess is to get to work.

I will leave you with Fluff looking completely huggable-

"I need nose rubs"

Then there is little Floppy on the wrong side of his fence- ugh. But he’s so damn cute…

I'm too cute to be mad at!

He’s still hanging in there, and he’s very small- which for him is a good thing.

You guys have a great weekend!

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After I was here last, the weather turned incredibly nice, and, well… there has been lots of outside time, mucking the hay that has collected where the goaties eat, shearing a few bunnies, loving on goaties… you know….

As far as knitting, I’ve got a couple of test knits going. Regarding the teaser picture I showed you last of Black Bunny Fiber’s Stella yarn- that project is complete- I should block it and have it to her by the end of the week- it’s fantastic and I can’t wait until the pattern is released- her patterns are always a pleasure to work from. I have another super top secret project from her, using this:

Softsilk Sock

The blend is called Softsilk Sock- it’s 50/50 merino silk and it feels incredible- soft & silky- kinda like… its name. The color didn’t come named, so I’m calling it Coral Reef. And that’s all I can say about that one.

I am also working on a scarf for Fickleknitter. It’s called Karma Chameleon- and we chose a really fitting happy lizardy colorway-

Acid Trip

It’s a merino/nylon sock yarn from Black Bunny Fibers. This is not so top secret- I just haven’t taken any pictures of it yet. (and won’t for a few days cuz it’s raining today and tomorrow). More on this later.

I really want to step up my spinning- I’ve got tons of fiber- both mine and others (whole rooms should be devoted to Kid Hollow, Black Bunny Fibers, and Chimera). I recently listed this yarn in my etsy shop:

Rocky Road

Superwash wool dyed by Chimera.

It’s started thunderstorming here, so I’m thinking I better get off of this computer and get to work. The rain is kind of putting me in a mood anyway.

I guess I do need to tell you what’s going on with Floppy. Dr. Melinda was out here last week and she took a look at him. Both of his rear legs are weak. One just doesn’t have its ligaments. There is no resistance in that leg. For now it is supporting his weight. As time goes on, however, it won’t. He’ll begin dragging his rear legs, and in turn that will put too much stress on his front legs. He’ll reach a point where his quality of life won’t be good, and that will be when we need to let him go. Kid Hollow is going to let me keep him until then- and I will make sure he is happy, taken care of, and loved. Pat was hesitant at first, because she was afraid of the toll it would take on me- but I explained to her that either way would be hard- but if I take care of him, I’ll know that I did the best I could for him. Not that he wouldn’t be well cared for there- but her herd is large, and they aren’t quite the pets that mine are- he’ll get more personal attention, and have not only me, but my 3 kids to adore him. So for now, he is here- he gets his bottles, his hay, and his naps in the sun on my lap. I promise I’ll keep you guys up to date on him. He’s very, very sweet- and he loves attention, so I image you will see lots of him.


Ok. Rain and thunder. It really is time to knit…

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