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Wow, it’s been awhile. If I blame it on busyness, then it’s just excuses, yet we all know how life can take over- and it has been busy since last I was here.

Had I told you we were moving? We left Madison County and moved to Louisa County in Sept. (still in VA). It has been a great move for the kids- and a fantastic move for the goaties. I did lose some goats this year- Genevieve, Fiyero, and sweet little Floppy. I should have written then, but I just couldn’t. Floppy, who originally wasn’t expected to make it a full year left when he was almost 3. He remained a sweet little happy-go-lucky guy, and he took going downhill and dieing just like he took living- to him it was all good. He didn’t fight it at the end- not to say that he surrendered early- he loved us and loved life- but when it was inevitable he just… went.

kisses from Floppy

kisses from Floppy


We had 3 does kid this winter. Elphie’s breeding didn’t take. Cream went first- on Feb. 17 Mephistopheles was born.Baby Mephistopheles

Here he is today…

Mephistopheles at 3 1/2 months

Mephistopheles at 3 1/2 months


He has sooooo much sweet silky mohair on him- I can’t wait until his first shearing!

On March 13, pretty Cookies had baby Rae-Ella. She is a fiesty little thing- she was less than a day old when she was climbing all over her mother…

Baby Rae-Ella caught on momma's neck.

Baby Rae-Ella caught on momma’s neck.

Today she is a happy little girl who is hard to catch keeping still!

Rae-Ella in a rare moment of stillness

Rae-Ella in a rare moment of stillness

Last to kid was pretty Rosie. This is her very last breeding, and I so wanted a doe from her. I got my wish, and I couldn’t have asked for a prettier, sweeter little doeling.

little baby Nessie

little baby Nessie

And here she is today…

pretty Nessie

Her mohair is so silky and dense.

We also acquired a few more adults and a bottle baby- will fill you in on them, later.

Oh, and the guy holding newborn Nessie? He’s my husband now.

Now, it’s time for me to go design a sweater for Persimmon Tree Farm- this will also be available with my yarns- it will be a strand of baby boucle mohair and brushed kid mohair held together. Pictures will come, I promise. I will no longer neglect my sweet blog.





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Done in one evening with many, many interruptions. I wove in the ends this morning. I’m going to make lots of these!


Here are the basic details:

Child’s st st roll brim hat. after decreasing stitches at top, on each live stitch (i had 3) cast on however many stitches you want on each (I did 15, 10, and 5). K back and forth for 3 rows, knitting into front and back of each st. Bind off loosely and watch it curl. This amused me to no end. (I have done a couple of scarves like that once upon a time- they were dubbed “swamp things.”)

A week or 2 ago AliP had posted a recipe for a 5-minute chocolate cake. Like she said, its not the best chocolate cake, however, if you’re PMS-ish, its absolutely inspired! (especially if you go heavy on the chocolate chips and pour chocolate syrup all over it while its still hot…)(and Miss Mad For Knit– since chocolate is bad for pets, it may be the one thing they aren’t allowed to mooch).

Speaking of mooching, Sirius Black was at it again for his afternoon coffee.


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come again some other day

Mindy’s goaties want to play.

Now, I know we always need rain, but it was literally raining buckets when I got up. All the goats were hiding in their shed and hutches. I didn’t have my morning coffee with them, though it had slacked off to rainish by this afternoon so I shared the afternoon coffee with the moochers.


This may be the only view I’m able to get of Sirius Black anymore. Oh- did I tell you my girls were home? I picked the does up a couple of weeks ago after their lovely fling with handsome Bad Andy. We should have bouncing baby kids come February- yippee! Here is Genevieve with her daughter Jewel:


And here is Rosie doing her Cousin It imitation. Right now their fleeces are a little through halfway full- wait til you see her right before shearing.


She really does have eyes…

For stash enhancement today, I thought I’d work my way backwards. I haven’t shown Rhinebeck or the Shenandoah Fest., so today will be the Shenandoah, and next time Rhinebeck. I didn’t do too much damage, just 2 things (well, 3- there was Creme Brulee- I need some new pictures of him). First, from the nice folks at Eleganza Yarns I picked up Yarn Harlot’s calendar:

not-really-stash And I won’t open it til Jan. 1.

Then I found this beauty at Serendipitous Ewe:


a beautiful merino singles laceweight in the palest shades of icy green/blue/grey, aptly named Icicle. Now I know I have beads somewhere that will look just stunning with this…

Do I ever knit? Doesn’t seem like it, does it. Well, I finished up a couple of hats from some yarn I got at Mt. Pelier:


Simple rolled brimmed st. stitch hats, which I’ll have for sale at the Holiday Market. I’ve got the commission going, which is where most of my knitting time goes. I just finished up a test knit- I can’t show you until it’s published- but its gorgeous! I desperately want to start on Julianna, the Berroco sweater. Here is a child’s sweater I have going in Blue Ridge Yarn’s Pima Paints:


It’s a simple cardigan closed with an I-cord, in the colorway Sandy Foam. Its for when I really need a break from the other one.

Here is my bus stop and stop-light (hey, you can get alot done at certain stop-lights) knitting:


A sock in one of Black Bunny Fiber’s older colors- Penny Candy. See the ruffle above the ribbing- its just a few rows of st stitch before you start the ribbing. Carol told me that one and I may use that in every sock I make from now on. Well, except guy socks.

Notice the flooring under the sock? That’s why I can’t find a freaking thing- even my spinning wheels are banished in corners while that is going on. Oh well, it’ll be worth it when I get things back in order. (stop laughing- sometimes I can keep things ordered)

OK, its dark, so its outside in the murk to feed my babies. Then a glass of wine and knit knit knit. I’ll leave you with Fluff. These silly goats make a huge mess with their hay- I think they pull as much out of the feeders as they eat. It makes nice warm beds.


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So, I should be spinning yarn to sell in my shop or at the Holiday Market in Charlottesville. But I want to knit Linden (and I want to knit it for me!). Bad enough that I’m going to spend time knitting something for myself, but there was this roving that demanded to be that yarn.

50/50 mohair/borderleicester. Stuff’s Autumn Surprise (got 2 goats in that name, Stuff and Surprise- ha). So I’m very loosely spinning then plying a 2-ply bulky-ish yarn for a sweater I have no business knitting. Here’s the yarn in all 3 stages…

One skein done, one ready to be plied, about 12 or 13 more to go. Completely, totally irresponsible. But its gonna be good!

And while we’re on the subject, I was spinning a lovely roving from Ken at Dorchester Farms (don’t have a website for him, but an e-mail- lemme know if you want it). Its white cormo w/ the lightest hints of pastel mohair. I was plying it before the Shenandoah Festival- with every intention of selling the yarn there. But the yarn had other ideas, and as I was plying it, it kept whispering to me that it didn’t want to be sold as a skein, it wants to be a lace scarf for- you guessed it- me!! (and if there is enough leftover, it could be a second lace scarf for sale at the Holiday Market- as I would be wearing the first to advertise it). Not only was it telling me that, but it was also telling me that it could be the first project on my brand new glass needles (more about them when I finally show you the Rhinebeck loot).  So here is that opinionated skein, named Snow Goat:

It’s 3.65 oz, 458 yds, app 20 wpi. And it may be on the ballwinder tomorrow. (though I can promise you it will not be my waiting-in-line-at-the-polls knitting- still gotta pick that out.)

I asked for advice about the alignment of my text and pictures on a forum at wordpress, and someone very kindly replied, and I’m trying what they said. So, if this all is laid out and making sense- it worked. If its a big jumble, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Cute goatie picture- another shot of Isabella.

She said you should be sure and vote tomorrow. (well, if yarn can tell me what it wants to be, then certainly a little goatie can tell you to vote)(and she says to vote Obamaa-aa-aa)

(yay, it worked. And Black Bunny, you didn’t see me here…)

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It was a wonderful time- and I am still wiped out. We left here Thursday night, stopped for the night somewhere in NJ, got there and started setting up Kid Hollow’s booth (Pat & Steve are Kid Hollow- just to avoid confusion later)- we got done around 7 or 8, went out to dinner, got up early and sold a bzillion people yarn. And during that Miss Mad for Knit came to meet me (and bring me my lovely raffle prize- thanks tons!) She had on the most gorgeous Linden that she had just finished. Then, oh then, I found out that Franklin’s book signing was right across the hall from us- right across the hall! Which meant I wouldn’t have to search for Carol– she would be right there!!! And she was! And so was Franklin! I’ve wanted to meet him for so long- what a nice guy. Laura (one of co-author’s of Knit So Fine– a very fantastic book) was there with Carol, Carol was handling Franklin, Veronik stopped by,and it was chaos- so Pat sent me to go visit the goaties (she’s great about knowing when I need a breather). Came back and sold another ton or so of yarn, then Pat sent me to play with my friends. Dinner was at a diner on the other side of the river (I didn’t drive- whew) and there I got to finally meet and talk to Marilyn. While I had met Joe last year, I didn’t really get to talk to him until this year. There was Veronik and her two camping roomies, and Carol and Laura, and people whose names I recognized, and faces I recognized- and it was a wonderful time. Got home late, got up early, sold lots more yarn Sunday. Got to shop some, too. (I’ll show you that stuff tomorrow). Sunday evening we broke down the booth then met John (from the goat group) and his wife for a very nice dinner. Back at my hotel and alone at 10 I was too tired to even think about knitting. Monday morning we had a great breakfast, picked up the goaties, and headed home. I got back here about 9:30. I think this was the best fiber festival I have been to ever- and would you believe I didn’t pull my camera out even once. Oops.

I have some pre-Rhinebeck stash enhancement I can show you. I got some very happy roving from Black Bunny Fibers- its merino/silk named Electric Rainbow:

Pretty, huh? I also ordered one of her sock flats (at a different time):

I must be in a “needing a rainbow” mood- look at them together:

Very happy.

Cute goatie picture for the night- Baby Griffin.

He’s growing up nicely, isn’t he?

(wordpress is doing some silly thing w/ the alignment of pictures- I’ll figure it out eventually, in the meantime, sorry about that).

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Look at that gorgeous Shetland lamb. Heidi has a few of them I’m going to get fleeces from- I’m looking at brown and creamy white. I’m gonna blend them with some silk noil- details as it happens- I’ll get you more lamb pictures when I go out to her farm to pick up the fleeces. If anyone else is interested in Shetland fleeces, e-mail me (puffthemagicrabbit@gmail.com) and I’ll get you Heidi’s e-mail.

That was just the beginning of the Mt. Pelier Fall Fiber Festival. Friday afternoon we set up Kid Hollow’s booth, then went out to dinner with friends we only see during show season. Saturday and Sunday was selling and visiting. This show isn’t nearly as crazy as Maryland Sheep and Wool- so there’s time to visit with the customers, other vendors, and each other. I also set up my wheel in front of the booth and demo’d spinning. I even taught someone how to spin- on the very wheel I learned how to spin on. She was great- she picked it up very quickly- and is hoping her boyfriend will get her a wheel soon. I just love enabling…

Now for the stash enhancement. First, we have what I was spinning at the festival- its a 50/50 mohair/borderleicester blend from Kid Hollow in her Fall Harvest colorway.










I love the way this demo thing works out. Pat gives me 4 oz of roving to spin- while I’m spinning it people get to see how it spins up. When I’m done, I’ll give her the skein to display w/ the roving, then when she is all sold out, I get the skein back to sell in my shop. Great deal, huh? Even the guineas approve.













On Sunday morning, when its a little slower, I got to do some shopping. From Knitting Notions there is this lovely skein of sport weight merino-

















The color is Roses ‘n’ Thyme. I also picked up this beautiful walnut shawl pin- which is perfect for Salt Peanuts (wonderful design by Veronik Avery, found in The Best Of Interweave Knits).












Somewhere along the way I picked up these 3 balls of merino singles that look like they will have long color changes from dark green to yellow. Hats or a scarf?













Then I made it over to visit Diane of Creatively Dyed Yarn, and picked up this beauty-










It’s 70/30 wool/seacell- and so shiny and colorful. Too bad both wheels have queues a mile long each. Humph.

The very last thing I got was a skein of Pat’s brushed mohair that I had been eyeing for a few weeks- when I convinced her that brushed in this color would look great.










The color is Bermuda Sand, and its going to become a hoodie. I’ve been thinking of a faded, washed out sweatshirt type of thing- just not baggy. So once I’ve designed this, I’ll work on having her do a washed out blue, and washed out sea green…

Even though I came home every night (the festival is about 40 minutes away) I still didn’t see much of the goaties, so this morning over coffee they were very happy to see…my coffee.

coffee mooching

coffee mooching













 At one point there were 3 of them waiting for a sip. Rotten babies.

the coffee was yummy

the coffee was yummy

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(and no, I don’t have finished objects).

Let’s see. First, Miss Mad for Knit is doing the Boston Half Marathon in a week and a half for cancer research. What a fantastic cause. My friend Erika died of pancreatic cancer in June. Carol has her listed as one of the people she is doing this run for. She still needs donations to reach her goal, and she is raffling off some nice stuff (including 2 of my handspun skeins- spun from my sweet goaties’ rovings). In the hopes that one day noone will suffer through cancer, or feel the loss of losing someone- she is doing this run. If you would like to donate, please hop on over and support her.

Both Go Knit In Your Hat and The Knitting Curmudgeon are having a friendly challenge. (actually, I think its a whole blogger challenge thing, but I’ll direct you to those 2). DonorsChoose.Org allows you to find school projects that need monetary assistence, and you can give to them. Both these ladies have found knitting related projects- and you can get to the donation page from links on either of their sites. Helping schools help kids is always a great cause- and helping students learn to knit- well, you can’t go wrong there. Being taught to knit was one of the greatest gifts I ever received- so if you are so inclined, visit one of those blogs to make your donation.

Itteh Bitteh Kitteh is growing. To the point that she’s really not an itteh bitteh thing anymore.










She’s long and lean- nothing but legs and cattitude. She’s more into playing now than cuddling (and I have the scratches to prove it)- but she’s happy and healthy and I’m thrilled.

This is also good. I was having coffee with my goaties (that’s always good) and I got a chance to see one of them be very, very sweet. Izzy (the perpetual mess) wanted to play “head butting games” but she is so tiny. Sweet Stuff,









who is Rosie’s twin, played along. He put his head down, and let her butt to her heart’s content, only pushing enough to give her a challenge, but still letting her win. That made me happy all day- that he could be so sweet and perceptive.

Another good thing is the wonderful dog who guards my babies each night. E named him Prince Richard when he was a puppy- but he is so crazy he that C renamed him Prince Dufus. Here he is after a hard night of guarding:










Looks like he had a rough night, doesn’t he? Well, you’ll be happy to know there has never been even one pink rhinoceros spotted in that field…

Hey- if you’re in VA- then you know this weekend is the Fall Fiber Festival at Mt. Pelier. I’ve been going down to Kid Hollow Farm on the weekends helping Pat get ready (and one of those days Rosie and Genevieve went down to spend a few weeks with the very handsome buck Bad Andy- more details in Feb…) She’s come up with some fantastic new colorways- and I’ve got a few more I want to convince her to do. I haven’t forgotten that I want to design a hoodie for her brushed mohair- so look for that maybe around Rhinebeck time. While I’ve been down there, they feed me- and Goat Boy is a fantastic cook. And while we eat, they’ve gotten me hooked on an Australian show- McLeod’s Daughters. They’ve been renting each season from Netflix (and sent me home w/ a Netflix coupon Sunday night) but I only get to see what episodes they are watching during the weekend. And I know they’re watching it without me tonight…

My daughter began a series a few years ago when one of her fantastic teachers recommended it. The first book is called Inkheart and she absolutely loved it. The third book in the series just came out, and I had looked for it in a few places but didn’t find it. Didn’t matter- her wonderful teacher gave her a copy today- she was one very happy girl. The teacher was thrilled that C and her friend enjoyed this author- and he so generously gave each one of them their own copy- I’m still in awe that he did that. I love nice people.

The last good thing to tell you about tonight is that Dunkin Donuts opened in Ruckersville- an area between here and Charlottesville. They opened today- actually, they weren’t really open, just open enough to train employees- and my friend and I were the first customers. Yummy.

Last cute picture- my sweet goatie, little Fiyero. (maybe I’ll knit and spin some for next time…)

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